CMM Board Member Martin Hadlee shares his story about why he left a gift in his Will to the Christchurch Methodist Mission and the positive impact it will have.

Martin's interest in CMM stemmed from conversations he had with his father. Walter Hadlee was a member of the CMM board and through their talks Martin became aware that his father had left a gift in his Will to the Mission.

"I saw the impact of the gift that he left in his Will. This impressed me and I was happy to follow in that line of family giving," says Martin.

Martin himself has been a member of the CMM board for the past 7 years. He became involved at the time of the Canterbury Earthquakes as he saw the huge need that existed in Christchurch. Martin was immediately impressed with the scope and width of the help provided by the Mission. From small children and their whānau at Aratupu Pre-school & Nursery to those nearing the end of their life at WesleyCare, he could see the real difference made for people of all ages in the community.

"Believing in the values of the Methodist Mission, being involved as a board member and then talking to the staff of the various services, I could see first-hand the real impact in the community," says Martin.

After seeing the difference being made in people's lives, Martin decided to leave a gift in his Will to CMM.

"Once I had made the decision to leave a gift I found the process very easy and straightforward. I made an appointment with my lawyer and my Will was updated to include a gift to CMM. Very easy process. It was a short visit," recalls Martin. "(Leaving a gift in your Will) doesn't take away from how you live at present. By leaving a gift you can leave something of you behind when you leave this life that will benefit those in need," adds Martin.

Small and large gifts that have been left by donors has enabled the new WesleyCare Hospital to be built and funded much needed community social work services.

Martin encourages anyone who is thinking of leaving a gift to CMM in their Will to take action. "You won't regret it," he says. "Even if you can't offer money in your lifetime, a gift left in your Will can improve the life of the vulnerable and disadvantaged after you have passed on. Your decision will help countless others."

If you would like to know more about leaving a gift in your Will to the Christchurch Methodist Mission please contact Fundraising & Communications Manager Dave Marsh on 027 241 8825 or 

Martin Hadlee