Our story of service


Concerned by the number of Cantabrians in need, the Rev. Gardner Miller, a Congregational Minister, set up the Christchurch Methodist Mission


Following the retirement of Rev. Miller, the Christchurch Methodist Mission became part of the Methodist Church. Rev. Wilf Falkingham was appointed Superintendent.


In 1974 a merger between the Central Mission and the Durham Street Methodist Church was achieved, with a change of name to The Christchurch Methodist Central Mission.


Māori social services that had been developed by the Methodist Mission (Te Roopu Manaaki) were transferred to the governance of the Rehua Marae Trust


Three land titles at the Rehua Marae held by the Christchurch Methodist Mission were gifted to the marae. CMM assisted in securing the marae's ownership of a Crown land title that had been gifted to the Crown by CMM in 1965.


The Christchurch Methodist Mission secures its role as one of the largest South Island social service providers by extending housing services and tenancy support to the upper South Island and to the West Coast