Warm, affordable and secure housing is a human right. The Christchurch Methodist Mission is committed to providing good rental accommodation to those who need it most and ensuring tenants get the support they require. We are one of Christchurch's largest community housing providers. Our housing and homelessness support services now extend to the West Coast and the upper South Island. Among our services is social housing, transitional housing, emergency housing support, Sustaining Tenancies and Housing First.


Social Housing

We own 112 homes and lease 23 for long term housing for whānau and older people in Christchurch. In addition, we provide social support to our whānau so they can feel safe, secure and gain the confidence and skills needed to turn their new houses into homes. Our tenancy managers and social workers facilitate support to the whānau in our houses. Tenants can also access wider social support offered by CMM. Whānau must be on the Government’s Social Housing Register to be eligible for our long-term housing and tenants are eligible to pay income-related rent, which amounts to about a quarter of their income. Our most recent - and largest - community housing development was opened in the Christchurch suburb of Richmond in December 2020. In addition to enjoying life in refurbished houses on a spacious section, the 15 whānau are supported by a full-time Community Development worker.

We do not hold a waiting list as all our referrals for social housing come from Work and Income.


Transitional Housing and Emergency Housing Support

A range of transitional housing, which includes social support, is also provided in Christchurch and Blenheim for individuals and families. At any one time, CMM supports 44 households in Blenheim and 20 households in Christchurch until lasting and secure houses can be found.

In addition, up to 80 households at any time are supported in emergency accommodation in Blenheim, Nelson and the West Coast.

Referrals for transitional housing and emergency housing support are through Work and Income only.


Sustaining Tenancies

Our Sustaining Tenancies team support individuals and whānau to address issues that put their tenancies at risk, with the goal of keeping people in their homes and preventing the spiral into homelessness. Depending on their needs, plans are written that could entail advocacy with landlords, support to navigate social and health services, and referrals to budgeting services and life skills coaching. The service involves collaboration with a wide-spectrum of organisations. Whānau lead the development of these plans. CMM Sustaining Tenancies services are available in Christchurch and Blenheim.

For referral information please contact:

027 605 6151

027 224 5854

Click the links below to download our Sustaining Tenancies Christchurch Guidelines and Referral Form:

Sustaining Tenancies Referral Form

Sustaining Tenancies Referral Guidelines

Housing First

We are pleased to lead the Housing First initiative in Ōtautahi. The purpose of Housing First is to house and support people who have been homeless for at least a year or several times over the last three years. Its goal is to reduce instances of homelessness in Ōtautahi to nothing more than rare, brief and non-recurring. The Christchurch Methodist Mission works in collaboration with five other Christchurch agencies on Housing First Ōtautahi. Since June 2018, Housing First Ōtautahi has housed over 200 people who have experienced long-term homelessness.

The Christchurch Methodist Mission is also the lead organisation for Housing First Blenheim, a town with a significant housing problem. The Government's social housing register records 225 applicants in Marlborough at the end of September 2021 as urgently needing housing. The number of households on the social housing register in Marlborough has tripled in the last three years with just over half needing one-bedroom homes.

Housing First Ōtautahi
Nicola Fleming
0800 43 2424

Housing First Blenheim
0800 432 536


Supported Accommodation for Young People Leaving Care

We offer housing and youth work support to help young people develop the skills to live independently. Young people are usually aged between 18-21 and must to have been in Oranga Tamariki care. Referrals through an Oranga Tamariki social worker or Transitions worker.


Lease your rental property with us

We're looking for properties to provide transitional housing for families and young people. There are many benefits to leasing your property with us, including guaranteed rent and zero management fees. Click here for more information.