World Homeless Day 2021

‘7 Doors to Ending Homelessness’ was the theme of a temporary exhibition displayed in Cathedral Square on Sunday the 10th of October to mark World Homeless Day. As the lead organisation for Housing First Christchurch, we were delighted to support this exhibition. The exhibition featured the stories of Housing First Kaewa (clients), the perspectives of Housing First collaborative partners and staff, and the ways in which people can reduce stigma associated with homelessness.

“Growing awareness that homelessness is something that could happen to anyone is so important. World Homeless Day is about educating the public on homelessness issues in their own city and celebrating the services that provide support,” says Housing First Manager Nic Fleming. Housing First Christchurch have now housed over 200 people who have experienced long-term homelessness.

"By providing immediate access to permanent housing to Kaewa, we are recognising the dignity of people who are homeless and the necessity of warm, affordable and secure housing in the lives of all people,” CMM Executive Director Jill Hawkey says. “No-one should have to sleep on the streets. We are proud of the success of Housing First Christchurch and are here for the long-haul.”

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