WesleyCare residents give staff high marks for level of care

Published on 12th of May, 2021

Residents of WesleyCare, CMM’s home and hospital for older people, resoundingly rate the quality of care and attention they receive as “high” or “particularly high”.

Care Services Manager Cath Swain says she was pleased with the response to a recent survey of residents, saying it reinforced the WesleyCare values of care and dignity to residents.

“I’m especially happy that staff care was rated so highly. Our nurses and carers pay particular attention to the personal and health needs of residents so that they may live with dignity and in comfort. We pride ourselves on a high level of care and believe this is reflected in the results.”

Cath says it was gratifying to learn that 94 percent of surveyed residents rated their level of care as very good or good and that over 75 percent would recommend WesleyCare. Comments from the survey included: “This is a good environment with great staff”, “the overall care is excellent,” and “exceptionally well-run with very caring staff.”

Over 90 percent of respondents said they had easy access to staff to discuss health and care issues always or most of the time. The same number felt that staff ensured their privacy and dignity, and that their values, beliefs, and cultural and spiritual wellbeing were met all the time or most of the time. Nearly all said staff were respectful and courteous.

Overwhelmingly respondents said they felt they had input into the medical and health-related decisions that affected them, and that they were involved in the development of their care plan.

Some 95 percent of respondents rated the safety and security as very good or good. In terms of the environment, building and maintenance, the same number said WesleyCare was always or mostly well maintained.

Over 85 percent said the cleanliness of their rooms and communal areas was very good or good, and their clothes were well-laundered. Most knew where the activities programme was displayed.

Seventy percent said it was made clear who they could speak to with concerns and most felt comfortable raising concerns and were satisfied with the way in which complaints were handled. Most respondents were aware of the WesleyCare code of rights and responsibilities.

“Some residents requested more outings, including walks outside, and more activities for dementia patients. Others said the meals needed to better meet their dietary requirements,” said Cath. “We welcome requests for change made by residents and are constantly looking at ways to improve the level of care to best meet their needs.”

The survey was answered by 50 residents of the WesleyCare hospital and rest home, 50 percent of the total number. Participation was voluntary.