Our partners: The David Ellison Charitable Trust

Published on 12th of May, 2021

The David Ellison Charitable Trust has over the years provided invaluable funds towards CMM’s work to address anxiety and behavioural issues in primary and intermediate aged children in greater Christchurch.

In addition, parents and caregivers struggling with complex issues have received CMM support, funded by the trust.

In the eight months to March, services funded by the trust enabled 86 children from 12 schools to receive individual social and emotional support, mentoring. Further, 33 children were enabled to participate in group programmes, such as CMM’s Wise-Up, which teaches valuable life and social skills. Our teams are not only present in schools but available for home visits.

In that time, families struggling through hard times received social work support, including advocacy on their behalf to government departments, food parcels, support for those separating or with mental health issues, as well as the chance to attend parenting programmes. Much of the support needed by these families is intensive and requires significant time and effort.

Funding also assisted over 30 women and men to take part in the CMM adult group programmes, Woman Wise and Men on a Mission, designed to boost confidence and help participants achieve personal development goals.

In total, 350 Cantabrians benefitted from this funding.

David Ellison, a long-time teacher at Christ’s College, set up the trust to promote charitable work, primarily in Canterbury and primarily by organisations with a Christian focus, in order to build strong, inclusive and supportive communities.

The funds of the David Ellison Charitable Trust have broken down barriers faced by a number of the children and families that CMM works with. CMM appreciates the long and generous support of the trust to help cover the cost of running this work and looks forward to continued work with the trust. We also thank the Public Trust, which administers the trust.