Happy days out for Aratupu tamariki

Published on 30th of April, 2023

Who likes a fun day out, the chance to try something new and take part in different activities and experiences? Tamariki at CMM’s Aratupu Preschool & Whānau hub certainly do!

Aratupu loves the chance to take its tamariki out to meet new people, explore new locations or bring visitors with a variety of skills in to educate the children. Each year, we try to help tamariki from struggling families enjoy a range of experiences that extend their learning or that develop skills which are helpful in real life. In particular, outings and new experiences make learning for tamariki from low socio-economic backgrounds more equitable.

Tamariki and their whānau respond to trips out with great excitement at the prospect of doing something new or different. “Day trips and new experiences are not common events in the lives of Aratupu whānau, who are held back by the lack of disposable income that it takes to go on a little adventure. The added cost of stretching the petrol a little bit further, or the admission cost, or even the extra cost of providing some food for the day, prohibits whānau from enjoying these experiences,” says Aratupu Manager Katie.

In other years, Aratupu tamariki have enjoyed trips to Orana Park and visits to church parishes for playtime, among other outings, and have welcomed all sort of visitors for music, story-telling and activities. Katie hopes Aratupu will be able to incorporate more outings into the curriculum in the near future.

“Communication and social skills are what children get to extend further and they also get to participate and gain an understanding of the world around them and their place in it.”

Outings are a valuable part of learning. The foundation of many abilities, such as memory, decision-making and emotions, are formed in a child’s early years of life. As such, experiences in those years affect brain development in a way that later experiences do not.

By offering children who wouldn’t have had the opportunity to afford a trip to somewhere, such as to Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, or even offering to pay the petrol or extra food needed for a trip into the city to the museum or the beach, Aratupu is helping to eliminate barriers and to create a more level playing field.

Days out and new experiences are a source of joy and excitement for Aratupu tamariki. If you would like to help fund these trips and experiences, please consider donating by clicking here and choosing Aratupu Outings from the 'Programme' drop-down menu.