Christmas Story 2015

Published on 3rd of December, 2015

What a difference a year makes... 

When Ruth* came to us in November last year she was in crisis and needed help.

Ruth had separated from her husband of 30 years and had care of her two grandchildren. She was on medication for depression and had started counselling. Being unable to work due to her depression meant that the bills were starting to pile up. She was living in temporary accommodation and needed to find a new home for herself and her grandchildren by the end of January. Ruth was simply not coping with the housing, financial and emotional issues that confronted her.

One year on and hope has replaced hopelessness in Ruth's life.

Previously Ruth had been worried about making an appointment with Work and Income as she had never used the welfare system before. One of our staff made an appointment for her and went with Ruth to support her during this. Three days later Ruth received confirmation that she was eligible for a benefit. At Christmas time she received a hamper for her and her grandchildren through CMM's 'Support a Family' programme. This enabled them to enjoy Christmas without worrying about how they could possibly afford to do so.

Now Ruth is full of confidence for the future. She found a new house to rent on a long term lease which enabled her to keep her grandchildren in the same school. She feels more confident in her parenting through the support and guidance we were able to give her. Ruth is halfway through her professional studies, is currently on work experience and really enjoying the work and study.

The confidence and hope Ruth now exudes when talking to her is undeniable.

This Christmas CMM is working with hundreds of people like Ruth. Each one of them has a story to tell. We want all of them to have a happy story to share in a year's time. However we need your support to do so.

Please give generously to CMM's Christmas Story this year. Your support will enable CMM to help those in need this Christmas time.

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Thank you for your support this Christmas. 

* the name in this story has been changed to protect their privacy