Christmas is around the corner and with it comes challenges. Extra expenses, last-minute shopping, end-of-year events, and catering for Christmas day itself can be financially and emotionally taxing.

Many families, though, worry about being unable to provide any sort of Christmas at all. For others, the snowballing costs associated with the holiday season add to already unsustainable debt levels.

At this time of year, CMM doubles its efforts to support people in need. “We see families really suffer around Christmas time because of strain on relationships and the effects of poverty. Debt becomes unbearable and families carry it forward into the new year, often long after the festive season,” CMM Executive Director Jill Hawkey says. “We’re pleased to offer a compassionate and caring service that responds directly to their needs.”

CMM keeps a close eye on families in our housing and on kaewa of Housing First who may be spending Christmas alone. Its team of social workers, child and family psychologists and budget advisors will provide a range of support to families, particularly as violence sadly often spikes at Christmas.

Support a Family is another way CMM brings relief to families at Christmas. Without the worry of affording festive food and a present for their children, parents can relax and enjoy the season. This year, CMM expects around 200 individuals and families will receive a Christmas hamper, thanks to the support of businesses, families and churches in the community.

Support a family

Support a Family hampers by the dozen