CMM recently farewelled two long-standing managers who have given over 50 years combined service to the organisation.

Fran Pucilowski has retired after 40 years at WesleyCare, including 19 as Facility Manager. Another long-serving colleague, Jim Martin, retired as Finance Manager after 11 years with CMM.

“The organisation is losing two dedicated professionals who have run major services of CMM with professionalism and care,” CMM Executive Director Jill Hawkey said. “Both Fran and Jim have a keen wit and sharp sense of humour that will be missed, too.”

“Fran has brought a deep level of commitment to the running of WesleyCare and her strong leadership has ensured WesleyCare has retained its reputation as a provider of excellent care over the years.”

Fran’s nursing career began in 1966, inspired by an aunt who was a nurse. In 1979 she started working on a casual basis at what was then Fairhaven Home and Hospital as a part-time registered nurse while her family was young.

In 1990, she became manager, soon after having to contend with strikes regarding overtime allowances. Between 2015 and 2017 saw the two-stage re-development of WesleyCare, with the demolition of the existing building and the construction of new facilities. By 2019, in addition to having nursed two generations of patients, Fran was increasingly nursing people she went to school with.

At heart, Fran is more of a nurse than a manager. Her concern is for the healthcare assistants, saying they are the most undervalued and under-rated members of our workforce. “The health care assistants are the unsung heroes. You’ve got to be able to battle for them.”

Jim Martin came to CMM as a contractor from a commercial background for three months in 2007 to do the annual accounts and stayed on when a full-time position was offered. The values of CMM align with those of his Catholic background. “Things at the Mission are not too far away in that respect. I’ve got empathy with the work we do and had no problem fitting in.”

WesleyCare will be managed by a dual leadership team consisting of a Manager of Care (Cath Swain), with responsibility for nursing and care, and a Business Operations Manager (Pauline Ng), who will be responsible for systems, human resources, IT and finance. Andrew Gallagher has been named new Finance Manager.

CMM wishes Fran and Jim a happy and enjoyable retirement.

Fran Pucilowski

Fran Pucilowski rounded off 40 years with WesleyCare before her retirement.