Three percent of superannuitants can live well enough that they don’t need to claim their NZ Super, according to research by the Tindall Foundation. It’s those people a new scheme is calling upon to donate their Super in order to create a more equitable Aotearoa New Zealand.

Spend My Super is the brainchild of philanthropist Liz Greive. When Greive reached retirement, she realised she didn’t need her Super to live a comfortable life. In fact, one percent of people reaching 65 don’t bother applying for it. Greive realised the lives and wellbeing of New Zealand’s youngest citizens could be improved if superannuitants donated some or all of their Super to help children in poverty.

She set up Spend My Super as a vehicle for superannuitants to support selected charities that focus strongly on child wellbeing. The Christchurch Methodist Mission is one of those 12 charities chosen to benefit.

“Certainly, some of us have benefited enormously from the prosperous times we worked and lived in,” Greive says. “However, many of us care very deeply about the issues the world is facing and are keen and generous philanthropists.”

From there, Spend My Super was born. It is privately funded and does not take a percentage of any donations. Importantly, every dollar donated through its website goes to the chosen charity.

Spend My Super CEO Sarah Trotman ONZM points out that in addition to the roughly 3% of superannuaitants who do not need their Super to live a good life, many others may be able to live without a portion of it, or without their Winter Energy Payment.

CMM and the other charities were recently invited to Government House in Auckland for the launch of Spend My Super.

CMM Executive Director Jill Hawkey describes it as a privilege to have been selected by Spend My Super. “This is recognition of the impact of our work supporting families through hard times and creating a more equitable and just society. Children are at the heart of much of the work of the Christchurch Methodist Mission.”

If you would like to donate part or all of your Super to the Christchurch Methodist Mission you can do so by visiting

Double the impact. If you or your business matches Spend My Super donations dollar for dollar, we’ll be able to carry out twice the amount of support to families in poverty. If you can help, please contact Fundraising and Communications Manager, Dave Marsh, at

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Spend My Super is a chance for thousands of Kiwi retirees who don't need their Super to put it to good use. CMM is one of 12 charities chosen by Spend My Super to benefit.