Flowers and a memorial book have been placed in the Wesley Chapel for Christchurch Methodist Mission staff to show their support to our Muslim brothers and sisters.

We will deliver this book to Christchurch Resettlement Services, our sister social service organisation which has strong links in the Muslim community.

The Christchurch Methodist Mission is grateful for offers of support in the wake of the mosque shootings. Our staff who are part of the Mana Ake team are out and about in schools this morning offering support to children, whānau and teachers. We’ll be connecting with both Muslim families and the wider community, paying particular attention to those receiving our support services. We’re also here to support the general well-being of the community.

If you need to talk, we suggest you call trained professionals at the mental health helpline. Call or text 1737 any time, 24 hours a day. For those of you struggling to explain events to children, read the guidelines from the All Right? campaign:

0001 1481210286