Three families will soon move into their new homes.

The Christchurch Methodist Mission (CMM) is continuing to respond to the housing crisis. It will soon be making three new homes available for families that are homeless or need to be in a more suitable housing environment.

The three 2 bedroom houses have been built in partnership with Housing Plus. On the same site eight 2 bedroom units for single people have been built and will be operated by Housing Plus.

Currently there are almost 700 households in Christchurch on the Ministry of Social Development's Social Housing Register with over 500 of these households being Priority A. This means they are considered 'at risk' and includes households with a severe and persistent housing need that must be addressed immediately. Many vulnerable families are often overlooked in the private rental market by landlords choosing to rent their properties to other applicants. With a significant shortage of high quality social housing in Christchurch, these families are struggling to find affordable housing that meets their needs.

Two of the families that will call Hornby home are already known as they currently receive housing support from CMM. One family is on the Social Housing Register and has been in CMM's emergency housing for several months. The young mother and her daughter are looking forward to their new home and the stability it will provide them. "I'm grateful for a roof over my head and my child's. Without this house I would be sleeping in my car," says the Mum. Secure housing for this family will mean that instead of thinking about day to day survival, she can focus on her longer term goals and dreams for her family, including studying towards her early childcare career.

The other family is already living in another of CMM's housing communities. Hornby represents a place that is better suited to their needs. The third family will come from the Social Housing Register, reducing the number on this list.

CMM Housing Manager Andrea Goodman says that the houses at Hornby represent an opportunity to increase the number of houses available for families who otherwise would be homeless or living in uncertain housing situations. "These new houses will provide a warm, affordable and secure home to three families that otherwise would find it difficult to secure the housing they need."

The families moving in at Hornby will present from different backgrounds and as such will have their own unique strengths and struggles. Wrap-around support will be provided from a CMM social worker and the families will be able to access the wider services of the organisation.

"The Christchurch Methodist Mission believes in building communities, not just houses," says Andrea. "We are here to support the families with any issues that may impact their ability to maintain their tenancy and help them build positive relationships with others in their community. It is a model that has worked well in our other housing communities in Christchurch."

CMM Executive Director Jill Hawkey outside one of the new Hornby homes.