The impact of your bequest to CMM

Bequests play a major role in ensuring CMM is able to offer quality, life-changing support and care across the age spectrum. Bequests provide the organisation with security to implement long-term projects and ensure longevity in its programming. 

We would like to ask to you to kindly consider leaving CMM a gift in your will.

Once the family has been considered, a gift in your will might comprise either the remainder of your estate, a percentage of your estate or a specific sum of money. Leaving a bequest is straightforward and will give you a great sense of personal satisfaction.

Philanthropy NZ reports that most bequests are made by ordinary, hardworking people who want to make a positive difference in their community and to other people's lives. Leaving a gift in your will supports the vital work of charities that bequestors were previously unable to support, or increases the level of giving to a charity that bequestors have supported all their life.

Having seen first-hand CMM’s range of social programmes and through his membership on the CMM board, Martin Hadlee, is highly motivated to also provide bequest funds to help support those programmes.

“It is very satisfying to have a direct and ongoing relationship with the Mission and to know there is complete trust that any bequest will be faithfully respected, well managed and only used for the directed or general purpose(s)of the bequest. Life is short and societal needs are considerable and widespread. Making a bequest during, or after life (through your will) indicates your empathy, care and support for those in need.”

CMM Executive Director Jill Hawkey explains the significance of gifts in wills on our older persons care facility. WesleyCare is able to offer high quality, affordable care in its modern and well-appointed facility in part because of the generosity of donors who have left gifts in their wills.

“WesleyCare offers a range of extra services, such as chaplaincy and premium rooms, that enhance the quality of care for residents but which are not funded by the Government,” Jill says. 

WesleyCare is also reliant on the generosity of its donors to cover the cost of specialised medical equipment not covered by Ministry of Health contracts.

“Without the support of bequestors, we would find ourselves having to scale back some of the services that are held dear by WesleyCare staff and residents, and that contribute to WesleyCare having such a good reputation for high quality care. We really value the trust and confidence placed in us by those of you who leave a gift to us in your wills.”

Regardless of the gift size, your generosity will ensure CMM can make a difference in people’s lives for generations to come. Even a fraction of an estate will have a valuable impact. If you would like to talk confidentially and without obligation to Michael, our Fundraising & Communications Manager, please contact him at