Stained Glass Window and Water Sculpture dedicated at Wesley Chapel

The Chapel at WesleyCare was packed on the morning of 2nd December as residents, staff and family members of former residents gathered together for a service dedicating the stained glass window and water sculpture. 

Amongst those present was Geoff McConnell from Contemporary Water Sculptures who designed the water sculpture located outside the chapel and Graham Stewart who created the stunning stained glass window. Both Geoff and Graham spoke about the creative process involved to turn their concepts into reality. Graham showed pictures of the multiple ideas and concepts he went through until the final design was settled on. His window design illustrates the beauty of Canterbury's landscape such as the southern alps, rivers and hot, dry summer winds. 

Residents who had passed away at WesleyCare during the year were remembered by a memory tree. This tree had each of their names on individual cards that were attached to the branches. Family members were welcome to take their loved ones card away with them at the end of the service. 

Wesley Village resident Dorothy Maclean was honoured for her generous donations to WesleyCare over the years by Executive Director Jill Hawkey who presented her with a bouquet of flowers in recognition of her generosity.