Covid-19 Home Care Kits

The Christchurch Methodist Mission (CMM) is mobilising for a projected surge of Covid-19 among clients across Christchurch as Omicron takes hold in our community. 

According to Ministry of Health guidelines, everyone who tests positive for Covid and their household needs to stay at home and avoid contact with others. Particularly at a time of rapidly rising prices for basic costs like rent and food, and with inflation hitting its highest level in 30 years, this will place already vulnerable individuals and families under additional financial stress as they struggle to make ends meet

“Add to this the cost of preparing the sort of wellness kit advised by the Ministry to ensure that households have what they need in the event of Covid illness or a period of home isolation and it’s easy to understand the rising levels of anxiety staff report seeing among clients,” says CMM Executive Director Jill Hawkey.

To meet the current challenge in our community, CMM has launched a Covid Emergency Supplies appeal to ensure that clients who don’t have the resources to buy the necessary items for a Covid Home Care Kit are also protected

“Providing Covid Home Care Kits to clients will enable them to use the specified face masks that offer higher levels of personal and community protection. The kits will also include the emergency medical and sanitisation supplies necessary if they contract Covid or are isolating as a result of being a close contact,” says Hawkey.

CMM Covid Home Care Kits will provide the items listed on government’s Unite Against Covid-19 website to keep people well and to help with Covid-19 symptoms if they contract the disease. 

“We’re asking supporters to donate the items specified below by dropping them off at our contactless collection station at our offices at 3 Marble Wood Drive between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday, or to make a donation towards the Emergency Supplies Appeal.”

"CMM understands that each case is a person whose life is impacted differently from others and that the most vulnerable in our society will be the worst affected,” says Hawkey. “Providing Covid Home Care Kits during this national emergency is another way in which CMM can extend compassionate care to those who are most in need among us at this time.”


Requested Covid-19 Home Care Kit Items

As recommended by the Ministry of Health’s Unite Against Covid-19 website, CMM is inviting donations of the following items, or cash donations for the purchase of emergency supplies for clients. 

·         Medical disposable masks 10 pack
·         Hand sanitiser 500 ml
·         Disposable gloves 100 pack
·         Throat lozenges 36 pack
·         Vapour rub 50g
·         Ibuprofen 200mg 100 pack
·         Paracetamol 500mg 100 pack
·         Electrolytes 60 tablets
·         Tissues 140 sheets
·         Rubbish Bags Drawstring XL 30 pack
·         Cleaning products (Spray and Wipe)

Items can be dropped off at our contactless collection station at 3 Marble Wood Drive, Papanui, between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday. 

Cash donations can be made securely online through following the link below and selecting "Covid Home Care Kits" from the drop-down menu:
Donate Now

Online banking donations can be made using our bank details:

Account Number:      02 0800 0766258 00 
Account Name:          Christchurch Methodist Mission
Reference Field:         Care Kit
Code Field:                  Donation 

To receive a donation receipt, notify our Fundraising & Communications Manager, Michael Herman, by email at, or call him on (03) 375-1266.